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This company is owned by dear bird friends, John & Aleta Redford.  Their  quality Wingdow product is a marvelous invention for all birds. Our birds all love the Wingdow products.

This business is owned by a wonderful, caring,  x-breeder named Tina Usher. Tina provides professional in-your-home grooming and behavioral consultations. Seeing the need, Tina is now offering care, training and behavior workshops to help bird owners mend and/or improve their relationships with their avian pals. Tina uses her extensive education, training, experience and love for birds to teach people how to understand and live happily with their avian companions. Behavioral consultations start at $125 and you can call Tina for other pricing on grooming and Tina's workshops.

• Critter Camp Sanctuary, German Valley, IL www.crittercamp.biz
A wonderful place that takes exotic animals, and educates the public on them. Some of their charges include rabbits, chinchillas. degus, kinkajous, sugar gliders, and a few reptiles.

Ed-&-SybilThe Oasis is a retirement home for parrots who basically have out lived their owners. Most of the parrots in Sybil Erden's care at the Oasis are in their late 50's, 60's and 70's. Many of these parrots are willed to the Oasis before their owners die.

Ed Forst fortunately has the ability to transport parrots and did so a couple of months back. Two Bourke's parakeets and one white headed pionus were sent to The Oasis by their owner in November.  Ed Forst did the transport,  flying them to AZ and making the drive, a short distance to the Oasis. Below to the left is a picture of workers releasing the two Bourke's parakeets into one of the Oasis' large aviaries. The white headed pionus will be released after the quarantine period has ended. Below to the right is Sybil and The Oasis' blue headed pionus.

Sybil-letting-Bourke's-Out Romy-&-Blue-Headed-Pionus

Lastly, Sybil took a minute out of her busy schedule in caring for over 400 birds to take a picture with Ed. As you can see in the pictures, The Oasis has developed many wonderful free flights for the birds that are able to enjoy the outdoors.

Anyone wishing to donate to the Oasis can view their website at http://www.the-oasis.org/

Thank You Sybil!

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www.psychology.com - Find a qualified therapist with our directory.

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